>Soviet Mini Golf, Waffles and Amber

>I have been to Gdynia, Poland a few times. But I never noticed that it was a beach town.

The shuttle bus from the ship dropped us off near the beach.

First off, I hit the bank machine, and withdrew the second smallest amount of money possible.

I have no idea what it’s worth.

With 100 Zlotis burning a hole in my pocket, I wondered what I could buy with it. I checked out a menu. I think I might have enough.

It was really early in the day, and I went with my friend Jim to play Soviet Mini-golf. It was a horrible impossible course, and I was a victim of mini-golf rage yet again. You could hear me grumbling about the lack of windmills and waterfalls.

There was a small parade through the town. Buccaneer’s day already? I thought.
No, they were advertising a toffee candy. And they didn’t even give me a sample!

Behind the parade was some kind of war museum. It had some strange aircraft.

Um.. where did I park my submersible?

Time for an ice cream…

This strange hut was selling sheep’s cheese, barbecued.

We hit the town center

At a coffee shop was a meringue cake garnished with prunes

An English book store had some interesting stuff.

Click on this picture to read the vocabulary lesson that had me laughing in the isles

A grocery store selling milk with a very good name…

Yes, I did have an ice cream..

And a waffle, I needed something to wash down the bbq sheep’s cheese.

On the pier they were selling amber, and I bought a giant ring.

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4 Responses to >Soviet Mini Golf, Waffles and Amber

  1. >that looks like a really fun place to visit. We were talking about you today as a friend actually plays the piano on a cruise ship. He doesn’t work all that much, but I guess he’s going back to the carribean soon.yummy food!

  2. tatiana says:

    >Wow! I loved tis post. I have been to Gdynia before… my parents are from Poland, and while we did not summer near the ocean, have visited this city many times. I love the photos of the desserts and the beach.. you definitely brought me back to better times! As for the BBQ’d goat cheese…definitely a new delicacy in Poland.. as this is NOT something I have ever seen!Also, loved the post about Sweden….

  3. Gretchen says:

    >Another great post full of photos. 🙂 More please!

  4. Ginnie says:

    >I love your posts, Stacey. I still say you need to be writing a column in a paper somewhere…like for your ship???

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