>Stockholm in the Summer

>Nobody does Summer like the Scandinavians, which makes me wonder about their winters.

I’d like to award them a prize for their hot-dog creativity. Look at the two near the bottom left. One of those has mashed potatoes on it! And the ones wrapped in tortillas, those are filled with potato and all sorts of good stuff.

My friend noticed the mashed potato machine, like soft serve ice cream!

I was happy with mine, a vegi dog buried in potato with some crispy garlic or onion and a ridiculous amount of ketchup.

Downtown is crowded with mid-Monday foot traffic.

And what would a Swedish summer be without lots and lots of Licorice. There was no shortage of stands like this one. Some of them are filled with a kind of icing. You don’t have to be brave or a salt licorice fan – mine was strawberry filled with icing.

Um.. now that I’ve eaten it’s time to see some sights.

This boat with the chinese fish trap always draws a crowd.

These gates lead to Gamla Stan, which is Swedish for dear Old Stockholm.

The golden bike path – I felt like biking (not Viking) royalty with all the nice bike paths around the city. Being in the downtown crowds is frustrating for me, so I decided to go more near the place I started my day from.

I rode back along the harbour

Such a been-there-done-that kind of girl at the young age of 28, I discovered a place I really hadn’t seen before.

Skansen is a large outdoor museum – It is an old fashioned Sweden in miniature, with real buildings and period costumes. It’s a small city. The further north you go in Skansen, the further north in Sweden you’re supposed to be. They have animals, and live concerts..

There was a real, old fashioned store, where you could buy candles, and random old fashioned necessities. It was really a store! I bought some licorice root.

There was a rose garden , a Scandinavian animal zoo, and many, many other things.

I learned an interesting tidbit about threatened urban plants – ones that are supposed to grow from cracks in cobblestones.

But from far away, I could hear a noise! It didn’t sound very old fashioned..

A saxophone ensemble was starring on the big stage. Wow! I wished the other musicians were with me to see this!

The view from Skansen, you can see the good dock, where we were for the tall ships race. More about the tall ships to come!

Around the big ship dock and the island that Skansen is on, there are canals that people take their boats and kayaks through.

Sometimes these boats would cruise by the ship and the guys would try and pick me up. “Welcome to the land of Vikings!” They would yell. Scandinavian guys are usually shy until their 4th beer or so.

And I had a night out with some dear friends… we walked around as usual, looking for live music.

Stockholm by night – this Langos sounded like a good idea at the time. Mayonnaise-y stuff, raw onion and caviar on a fried thing.. Wasn’t so good!

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8 Responses to >Stockholm in the Summer

  1. tut-tut says:

    >Wow! Great photos; thanks for bringing me along.

  2. >oh, I can tell you about the winters in Sweden! They’re similar to the ones in Alaska (but warmer!)and I can tell you that summer must be lived up and lived out of doors (I too have enjoyed the Skansen). In the winter we live it up too but in a different way – it’s about skiing, and saunas, and socializing in cozy indoor places.

  3. >How do you eat a hot dog with mashed potato on it? Hmmmm, a mystery.Thanks for the pics, I would love to visit Stockholm. But I don’t really fancy that onion and caviar thingy. You certainly get to sample a lot of different foods on your travels.

  4. Lady Latte says:

    >I am glad you liked Sweden, Stockholm is really a beautiful capital. The Langos is not Swedish though, you should have had a waffle!!

  5. Gretchen says:

    >Thanks for sharing your trip with me. I have dreamed of visiting all those countries, but probably will never see them, so this is the next best thing.

  6. Ginnie says:

    >Some things I recognized, Stacey, and others not. Never saw those hotdogs, which I actually think would have been fun to eat…and the ones in tortilla wraps. I LOVED the licorice, of course. Never got to Skansen. Good for you to go outside the box of all those typical excursions.

  7. Bali Villas says:

    >Good pictureshere i come stockholmdharmahttp://www.balebali.com

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