>Home at Last….

>and gone camping.

I arrived home last night, two days late.

The plane arrived in Vancouver. “Hello, Bonjour” they cheerfully greeted me at the security checkpoint, and all around the Airport. A double greeting the likes of which I have only ever heard in Montreal. I giggle at this pretense of Bilingualism.

Being amongst my own kind is very odd at first, especially in the Vancouver airport. “These people are strange…” I think, and then get nervous.. These people can see riiight through me.

I had to stay onboard two extra days and work because I am nice like that. I already miss my friends on board, especially my gang of four that parties late into the night in the print shop, occasionally singing Karaoke and playing guitar, and drinking wine meant for the Catholic mass. But I will see the gang when I get back. I have a vacation to take, and a camping trip to go on!

If you are worried about my upcoming content of exotic destinations, no need to fear. Vancouver Island is the most exotic destination I can think of, and over the next month I will show you why.

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2 Responses to >Home at Last….

  1. Ginnie says:

    >I love that Vancouver airport, Stacey! I’ll never forget it. So glad I can picture you there.I know that it has got to be weird but heaven;y to be back home. Enjoy every minute of it!And you’re definitely right about that Vancouver Island. We’d go back there in a NY minute!

  2. >I can’t believe you are finally home! Congrats and I noticed the facebook thing..And I’m so busy, blogging less and less.But we almost went to Tofino this weekend, didn’t last minute.And I was thinking of you.Salmon, that looked great!

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