>I’m a Lemming


I joined Facebook and now am asking for Crocs for my Birthday, 2 things I swore I would never do….

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7 Responses to >I’m a Lemming

  1. Ginnie says:

    >I can’t wear Crocs because they’re too wide for my narrow feet, Stacey, but my sister bought me University of Michigan Croc flipflops which are actually very comfortable. So now I’m an owner of Crocs!

  2. tut-tut says:

    >I swore I’d never wear crocs; now I love them.

  3. >I may have to wear crocs to The Wedding! Foot surgery just isn’t healing and right foot seems twice the size of left. I wonder if they come in mother-of-the-groom colours!

  4. tatiana says:

    >I broke down and bought myself a pair when I bought my dads pair. They are red. Ugly. And, I love them!!! You will too…..

  5. >I won’t be wearing crocs either…But it’s so odd to know you are back home….But maybe crazy to know you are leaving again soon.

  6. ofel says:

    >I find myself in the same situation. I now have a Facebook and a pair of Crocs. And I am loving both of them! =P

  7. christina says:

    >I did the same thing, but in reverse order. Crocs last summer (I LOVE Them!) and FaceBook a few weeks ago (not sure yet if I like it).

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