>Come Fly with Me…

>Today, in the spirit of armchair traveling, and since I am on a much needed vacation from all of my regular traveling, I bring you a blog carnival.

Welcome to the Carnival of Cities, I am your host this week and I’m taking you on a cruise around the world by highlighting some different bloggers.

Go get your life jacket, cruise wear and cocktail of choice and follow me..

Our ports of call:

People’s Republic of China

To whet your appetite, come and visit Kango Blog . As Min Guo highlights the best restaurants in Shanghai, you will discover that Shanghai is indeed a Foodie’s paradise.

Next, let’s sail to the capital city of Beijing. Grigo from Wondering with Wind shows us what not to eat and gives us a traveler’s introduction to this great city.

Having just been in China, I would have really benefited from reading these informative blogs. There’s always next time!


The Botanical Gardens of Buenos Aires are a wonderful spot to spend an afternoon. Vanessa Latimer from Argentina’s Travel Guide brings us on a tour of BA’s Jardín Botánico . Bring your feline friends, because I have to agree, it is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing day.


Barcelona, Art Thailand debates Dali in this very interesting and informative post about Dali’s life and art.


It’s hot in San Diego, and at the San Diego Beat this week we visit Bodies.. The Exhibition, where real human bodies are preserved on display for our scientific curiosity.


Romanians love the latest trends, and Bucharest has one of the most trendy club scenes in the world. Ceciliah takes us club-hopping to the most popular night spots. The top DJ’s of Europe are often present, and there is even one club in an old castle.

In my week spent in Romania, I actually got a chance to see DJ Sasha spin at a trendy club at the beach in Mamaia.


Although it’s impossible to dock here, we can only dream, since Jul in Zurich
takes us to Zurich’s annual museum night, where museums open their doors late and special events abound around the city.

Northern Ireland and Iceland

Becky, currently blogging from our ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, takes us on a tour through the war torn walls of Belfast, and on to the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland

I hope you enjoyed your cruise.

Do you have similar interesting posts about your city or another city around the world?

Submit your story using this form for next week’s Carnival – hosted by the lovely Grace in Dubai, at Sandier Pastures

(pictures are all my own except for the Sunflower one)

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5 Responses to >Come Fly with Me…

  1. Jul says:

    >Love the duckie pics! 🙂

  2. Evelyn says:

    >That is one runaway duck alright! Too cute! We can change the lyrics to the Rubber Ducky song… “Rubber Duckie you’re the one, you make Carnivals lots of fun!” Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself. Nice job, Duckie! Keep an eye on Stacey for us!

  3. grace says:

    >Great hosting job! Now it’s my turn to bring the carnival to Dubai. Lovely pics, thanks for the tour.

  4. >Hi Stacey, thanks for the shoutout, we always love being part of Blog Carnivals 🙂

  5. Ginnie says:

    >You are so clever, Stacey, to have brought your little Rubber Duckie along. So cute. And what a fun armcahir activity! 🙂

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