>Lucky Loonie

>The Canadian Dollar, for the first time in my life, is now worth more than the US dollar.

The Loonie, as we call it, closed at $1.0052 US today, up from the $0.62 it was in 2002.

We call our Dollar Coin a Loonie because of the bird depicted on it (not the Queen on the other side)

This is a Common Loon. He has a unique bird call that can be mistaken for none other.

“Loonie” is also a slang for a Lunatic.

When the two dollar coin came out there was much speculation as to what it would be nicknamed. “Dubloonie?” some intellectuals thought.. It was clever for two reasons, the reference to the dubloon and the fact that it was double the value of a Loonie. But the popular choice of the people won out – It is called a Toonie, for the two dollars it represents.

This would be worth $2.01 US

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5 Responses to >Lucky Loonie

  1. Goofball says:

    >crazy huh how the dollar keeps going down? Time to go shopping in the USA!!! I was in Canada when the toonie came out. I remember that, in 1996. There was something wrong with the very first batch: if you froze it and then fried it, the center piece popped out our something. there were kids at school trying :p

  2. >Perfect timing! I’m off to Florida for a month once The Wedding is over…. and to have the dollar at par is a gift from heaven!!

  3. N.Z. Bear says:

    >Stacey: My apologies for dropping this in a comment, but I could not find another way to contact you. I am working with a magazine doing a feature on blogs that will highlight travel blogs, including Travels of Stacey. We would like photo reprint permission to use one of your photos,so I’d appreciate if you could contact me via email at bear – at – truthlaidbear – dot – com to discuss. Thanks, and apologies again for using the comments!NZ BearThe Truth Laid Bear

  4. Ginnie says:

    >Good for you Canadians! I never once thought our dollar should be worth more than your Loonie/Toonie!

  5. Ricardipus says:

    >I wanted “Doubloon” as well.Oh well.I think I’m visiting via Yaxlich, but I’ve lost track. Good thing I don’t have a travel blog I guess, it would be about me being permanently lost.

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