>The Camping Trip

>Before I go back to sea tomorrow, I would like to leave you with some pictures of my camping trip.

I was so glad to have caught the tail end of summer, to take advantage of the sun and swimming, my favourite activity. Well, almost. Don’t get your mind spinning, my favourite activity is only this:

Log Walking

I’d like to think that in school, I was the neighbourhood champion of log burling. I even once defeated a big kid, who claimed to have been dropped on his head as a baby. Later I realized that, sadly, he was mentally handicapped. I saw him years later and he offered to give me a foot massage. Hmmm.

I just looked up Log Burling in Wiki and it is nowhere to be found. Well, it’s a logger sport, where two people stand on a log in water and try and roll each other off of the log by running on it. The first one to hit the water loses.

On Cowichan lake there is a Provincial Campground, and this is Gordon Bay. It’s my favourite for the lake swimming and those logs. The logs outline the swimming section of the beach, and have done for years. They twist and turn and it is a real challenge to walk the entire length of the logs and not get soaked!

The campsite is very treed, like most Provincial campsites on Vancouver Island.

Me and my Little Bro

Some Huckleberries

The Salal berries were juicy this year

The campsite is quite near Honeymoon Bay. You can ride your bike there and get a paper, or a treat.

The loggers were protesting something. Usually it’s the hippies, I thought, what a change.

There are legends about a lake monster here.

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4 Responses to >The Camping Trip

  1. >Thankyou for your Birthday note Stacey, pizza’n’poppers in the O Mess with a freshly corked Crystal Reserve….shippy indeed! See you really soon, I couldn’t see most of the pics in your camping trip because of the, uh, shippy wi-fi here, but I can imagine it was beautiful. It was a gorgeous day in Quebec today, even though I only got to see Roque for a second as we were doing a rock put-in at the time. He took most of his stuff out of your room I think! See you soon lady

  2. Ginnie says:

    >So glad to get pics from your camping trip before you’re off to sea again, Stacey. It looks like you took every possible chance you got to relive old memories. Good for you!

  3. >Cool pink boots!I haven’t been camping so far this summer…. mainly cos of the foot surgery. Enjoy being back in harness on the ship, I hope the band haven’t gone feral while you have let them out of your sight!

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Great pics from your camping trip! The last camping trip of the summer always makes me a little sad, I wish summer lasted a lot longer.coleman garden gazebo

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