>Back on the Rust Bucket

>I very graciously stole this title from Becky. Thanks!

I arrived safely at the ship. People greet me. The crew inquires how my drive was.
Since I am from Canada they assume I drove from Victoria to Montreal.

We were there for 3 days, 2 nights.

We hit all the Jazz Jams. I took most of my band along to sit in, and I met my dear friend and Saxophonist Allan. My guys were really happy to meet Allan, and to have the chance to jam.

On the third day I got a surprise visit from Roque, who was waiting outside the ship with his car. Instead of taking a nap (which I was about to do when I got the call) I got into his car and we went on a 3 hour search of Empanadas. How very Roque!

A view from the window of his car:

I was working out in the gym today and an 80 year old Grandpa with a cane hobbles in and starts lifting weights in his Grandpa Sweater.
Welcome back! I thought.

Next cruise my parents are coming to stay with me! It will be fun, won’t it ! The weather has been very nice so far and I hope it will stay that way for you.

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3 Responses to >Back on the Rust Bucket

  1. SabineM says:

    >as I was reading your post, I thought to myself. BOY, I would love to trade places with Stacey, if just for a few months!did you find the empenadas? I just learned how to make them! hmmmmHad to laugh at grandpa and grandpa sweater and weights. I had the visual! 😉

  2. >Montreal is a great city isn’t it? So you are off on another cruise…. back to the grind. I hope your parents have a wonderful time when they join you.

  3. Ginnie says:

    >How cool is that! The grandpa working out…AND your parents coming to join you!!! YAAAAAY!

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