>Northeast Passage

>Another opening, another show, another…. Drummer? This is our third one in three weeks! And he can only stay 3 weeks. Does ANYBODY out there want a gig? 🙂

My parents arrived safe and sound, and we even saw a little bit of Times Square today. This is the map of our next adventure. You might note that it is the same as the previous one, only backwards.

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7 Responses to >Northeast Passage

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Hello Stacey,it is, I´m sure, fine, that your parents are staying with you on this famous trip from the States to your home-country, although it ends on the other side.We wish you and your parents a pleasant and safe journey and I´m sure they will never forget this extraordinary adventure.Peter and the guys from Forstinning

  2. Ginnie says:

    >So you even got to see Times Square! You know that I loved this part of the world when we were on our cruise there awhile back. You know I’ll be thinking of you when we start our cruise next week. I wonder how close we’ll be? I’ll have to see where you are then.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Hey Stacey,the entire world is waiting for a picture of your parents on the dancing floor while you are performing with eg “New York, New York …”.Don´t let us wait to long!Peter

  4. jenny says:

    >hey lady, the new format of your blog looks nice! guess i haven’t looked for a while. i can be your new drummer! except i can’t really read music… or play the drums… hmmm. i’m a quick study though!the new episodes of heroes are exciting!!! eee! miss you!

  5. Andrea says:

    >Hi, I find your Blog very stimulating for me. Canada, Montreal in particular, was short and intense period of my life. On the other hand, I have a Blog, in some sense, not far from yours. This space wants to reflect on the values of walking, traveling and silence, that are ancient methods to track, understand and communicate with others.This Post is a tribute to Niagara Falls.greetings AF The silent traveller

  6. >I wish I could play the drums cos I’d love to join you on the cruise.BTW I have posted about The Wedding…. it was last Saturday 13th… what a blast!

  7. Goofball says:

    >how’s your backward trip going? Are your parents still travelling along?

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