>New York with the Parents

>I met my parents in New York city where they flew to join me on a cruise. We had a great time. Before boarding the ship I walked them to Times Square. On the way we found a huge street market. It is really amazing to see New York, especially as this was the first time for them!

The view from their deck 9 stateroom was fantastic!

Here you can see one of the newly-renovated staterooms. Do you like the purple colour scheme?

As we sailed away by night I took them onto the bow of the ship as we passed the statue of liberty.

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4 Responses to >New York with the Parents

  1. Mimi Lenox says:

    >What a fantastic trip. How awesome to spend this time. Now for my announcement….A special day is coming up on my blog and in the blogosphere. Bloggers are set to blog for peace November 7, 2007.I invite you to join me – and a cast of incredible bloggers – as we mark our world with a promise of peace. Bloggers from around the world including 30 countries (and counting)and nearly every state in the United States will participate in BlogBlast for Peace.I hope you will participate in this growing phenomenon. Your blog. One post. One day.How To Get Your Peace GlobeThank you, Mimi Lenox

  2. >How fantastic that you got to share this little slice of the journey with your parents.

  3. >Great post and pictures. Some of my best trips were with my parents. Great memories.The stateroom looks good. My cruising has been confined to my scooter and sailing where the there are only cabins that have more in common with coffins than the spacious room shown in the picture.Steve WilliamsScooter in the Sticks

  4. Ginnie says:

    >It never once entered my mind what my mom and dad would think of a cruise. WOW! You were lucky to have them with you, as far as I’m concerned. I know they’re very proud of you!

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