>Quebec City and a Walk

>Docked for the second time in Quebec City found us doing the same thing.

Taking a walk up the hill to Guy’s house

Here it is!

He fed us a nice lunch of homemade soup and Croque-Monsieur‘s.

(Don’t say Pea Soup, it wasn’t Pea Soup not like there’s anything wrong with that)

We went to a lookout point and continued along the fortifications to a park.

From the lookout point, which is pretty much everywhere in the upper town, we took some photos of the ship.

You can see the steep path that leads to the lower town.

Guy showed me something amazing, that always makes him think of me because he knows I would have so much fun here. It’s a toboggan run.

You can see it in the background here along the boardwalk. See the scrapes in the boardwalk? Guy says the toboggans make it that far!

The historical ramparts of the town are being excavated for archaeological finds and to preserve the history of the settlement of Old Quebec.

We walked to the park, where the colours were amazing. I rolled down a hill.

We saw a rare treat, a Porcupine in a tree.

And a tiny Notre-Dame.

Guy could almost be Jesus in this picture!

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4 Responses to >Quebec City and a Walk

  1. >hey – how cool is that! I love the photos. Quebec City looks so beautiful. I want to visit it with P!

  2. Ginnie says:

    >You can never have too many photos of Quebec City, Stacey. Actually, you can never have too many photos of your wonderful travels!

  3. Betsy says:

    >Wait– a porcupine in a tree?!!! Is that for real?I would hate to be around if he slipped and fell out…

  4. >Its nice too see some pictures from my home city, you should come too Quebec during, les fete national ,its on June 24 , 200-300 thousand people celabrating in the city and sur les Plaines Dabraham

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