>When we hit Miami I took a day to myself. That’s right, no piano tuner, no new musicians to show around. I went shopping. I love American shopping and their wonderful stores like Bath & Body works, Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters. So much selection! But besides a fresh collection of underwear and various nice smelling things for my self and my cabin, I lucked out in Miami’s little Latino boutiques.

These aren’t really boutiques in the expensive sense, just dirt cheap clothing which I romanticize are built to fit the curvy Latina physique.

This is part of my haul:

A $12 dress (I bought it in blue as well)

And $9 dollar shoes. I can’t figure out if they are awesome or ugly.
(Please ignore the teddy bear menagerie in the background)

What do you think?




I just got a call from a rather Uppity Diva complaining about the state of the piano.
“Why, they were tuned a mere 10 days ago,” I said, “and are due to be tuned in 6 more days again…. No, they weren’t tuned in Miami.. I’m sorry, you caught us in the middle of the tuning schedule, no, I don’t tune the pianos myself.. I’m sorry, we will just have to live with it… yes, that’s right..”

I should have shown her the shoes. She would definitely sympathize.

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  1. tut-tut says:

    >Very cute dress. Always buy as many colors as you can if it really fits well!

  2. tatiana says:

    >the shoes are both fab and freaky. thats the beauty of them. It all depends on what you wear them with. The dress is adorable!! the lady.. a bitch! 🙂

  3. grace says:

    >The teddy bears are awesome! Ooops you said ignore…:-)I think the sandals are ok. It will go well with the blue dress?

  4. Ginnie says:

    >You go, Girl! 🙂

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