>Bar Harbor…


Some final pictures from New England and my Parent’s cruise:

My first lobster roll was very yummy!

The Shore Path is a nice place to take a picnic, or to get your photo taken with the ship as a backdrop!

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5 Responses to >Bar Harbor…

  1. >More grat pics, and how nice to be able to have your parents on the cruise ship. I’m sure they’re very proud of you!Sorry to hear Key West is really HOT, it’s really COLD here in Ontario, snow storm predicted for later tonight. Why oh why did I leave Florida???

  2. Goofball says:

    >oooh those are the first pictures on your blog of a place I’ve actually been too 🙂

  3. >come’on…try the tag…do it as your alter ego duckie if you prefer…pleeez? Awww.

  4. >lol, Wayferer, I might try the tag, I will have to think alot though!!

  5. Ginnie says:

    >I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bar Harbor, Stacey. I’ve only been there once but I’d go back in a New York minute.

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