>It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like…

>Miami , actually. It looks nice from the ship, especially lit up at night with the speed boats going by us and into the city. But to quote the Trombone player (who usually just talks about his own unit and/or drugs) it’s really Crack Village.

American ports are so strict with their shore leave to the point of being ridiculous. We were all herded through immigration in the morning to update our shore passes. They give us windows to go ashore on the half-hour, which doesn’t make sense since the security sits there all day anyways. The port security and luggage handlers all speak some kind of Eubonic and I can never understand what they’re saying and vice versa.

Today was my lucky day, to wait for 2 piano tuners. One tuner was there the week before, and he was hired to replace a string. Instead, he removed 3 strings and took off leaving a note to return with the strings the next week. This annoyed all of us, especially Min, who read the note aloud in her concert. This in turn annoyed the passengers and they were all complaining and demanding that we replace the piano for her next concert. That is really impossible. We managed to dig a piano tuner out of the jungles of Belize. There are only 2 tuners in the whole country, and this french guy lives in the Jungle for the peace of it and has a giant pet frog.
He looked like he was straight from the jungle but he fixed the strings well.

The second tuner was hired to regulate 1 piano, a big job requiring hours of work. He was held up by port security for 2 hours, became very irate, and even more irate when he learned they wouldn’t let him on board at all with his tools and without a certain pass we were told he would not need. He gave me an invoice for $400 and left. I don’t want to get on the bad side of these tuners, as they are all friends with each other. This is why I should learn to tune them myself and make a bunch of extra money 🙂

Standing at the Crew Board, I saw Crazy Dutch Girl. She asked me what I was doing in Miami. “Nothing,” I said. This was probably the best answer I could have given, as she recruited me to be a model in the spa for a treatment. People like to tour the ship on embarkation day, and they always require crew members to model their treatments for these tours. I got to lay covered in seaweed wrapped in a bunch of foil floating in a tank. It was a bit warm in there but I think the seaweed makes you high.

I really like how they decorated the crew hallways for Christmas

The Provisions area has a busy day loading supplies.

A well placed wreath beside the Garbage Room and above a cockroach zapper.

The smoking room in the Mess has window decorations. I always have a laugh at the golden bows on the curtains. They were added as decorations in Christmas 2003 and were never taken away!

P. takes a picture of Dex. “You’re actually working, here’s proof!”
There are a lot of decorations to distribute.

Here is our map – a 12 day cruise and 4 lovely ports. We will end up in LA on the 21st. Perhaps in Cabo I will get to see my friends the Pelicans again!

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2 Responses to >It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like…

  1. Goofball says:

    >thanks for giving some background pictures on all the tasks and activities that happen on such a cruiseship to keep it running. we have no idea really (well, I imagine it is a small city, but I can’t picture anything specifically).

  2. Ginnie says:

    >I never once thought about what a cruise ship would look like at Christmas time, Stacey! Thanks for the photos to show us. What a lovely excursion for your next few days. Don’t get sunburned! 🙂

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