>That floating bridge can really mess you up..


When Docked in Curacao, no matter which dock you are at, you always have to cross the canal somehow to find your way to town. The easiest method of doing this is by crossing the Queen Emma Bridge. This floating bridge moves back and forth to allow large ship traffic to pass through the canal.

Somehow though, whenever I go to cross the bridge it’s not in the right place.

It’s really confusing when you are walking on the bridge and it starts to move.

Here I can see it in its rightful place as I approach it

Ooops, there it goes…

Until it lies flat against the side of the canal. Look at the guys still walking across it!

Luckily there are things to do while you wait for that bridge. Of course, you could just take the free ferry across. Or you could people watch.

I have grown fond of this juice stand right by the bridge.

Curacao is so close to South America geographically, I swear half the people working there are Venezuelans. Maybe this is why they seem to have all sorts of nice fruits for sale.

I like to look at the menu and imagine what some of those fruits are.

I order the strangest, most pricey fruit shake – the Borojo. They told me it was some sort of Brazilian fruit. It tasted chocolaty.

See another post about Curacao, if you want!

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2 Responses to >That floating bridge can really mess you up..

  1. Ginnie says:

    >Hey! Did I see some DUTCH words??? Goed gezond lekker!

  2. >wonderful pics, and glad you are going to be taking some rest!

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