>In Which the Drunken Band saves New Year’s


We had quite a Christmas Cruise and now it is all over, and I am at home for a month.

Christmas wasn’t that great. It was pretty much my worst one ever. They really cut back on activities for us and I was disappointed. On Christmas eve the party was only till 12:30 and they were only serving white wine and beer. I had to play for midnight mass and I missed it all.

On Christmas morning, as ship tradition dictates, I went to the penthouse deck to get my present from the Captain’s Quarters.

(look, even the Captain has to work today… you can see his arm!)

I am pretty convinced that reindeer was from somewhere Down Under. Yes, it was James under those horns.

They had eggnog and cookies. The eggnog cheered me up a bit.

M, the Captain’s Secretary, is sporting her new Christmas Socks!

In years past, they have opened all the officer’s cabins and had food and drinks, each room with a different theme. I think this made the crew a bit too drunk. I was disappointed to see it wasn’t happening this year. The bridge was still open for waffles, though.

I love going up to the bridge, I used to always be the one to volunteer to return the folders after boat drill. It reminds me of Star Trek.

I find it so interesting that they still map things out by hand.

Here are the waffles. You can see R sporting our crew christmas present in the background. Yes, it’s a windbreaker.

“Interesting how they gave us a uniform item for a Christmas present,” one guy said.

So that was Christmas. It was only 23 hours long due to an hour forward. They took away the hot Glogg and christmas cookies from the bar at midnight. I finished work just after that and missed them also. We played my least favourite show. And that was it. All other parties that cruise were paid for by rich passengers. Ever wonder how you can get to party in the crew bar? Buy us a party 🙂 It costs less than you think!

Oh yeah, my drunken band did save New Year’s. That’s another story. I sure wish I had some pictures of that to put here! I can proudly say we put on the best new year’s bash ever. I surveyed the successful scene as I let another pianist jam. “Somebody get my drunken band a drink!”

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4 Responses to >In Which the Drunken Band saves New Year’s

  1. >Sorry to hear about the not so great Christmas. At least you are home for a month now!I hope you have a great time.

  2. Goofball says:

    >well that’s a pitty that they cut back on activities for the staff. It’s Christmas for everybody, right?HOpe you can catch-up at home now though! Take care

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Makes me sad to hear these things.. I keep the memory of better days.. Daniel

  4. Ginnie says:

    >So sorry it wasn’t as good of a Christmas as it could have been, Stacey, BUT NOW YOU’RE AT HOME. So glad you could get a break.

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