>The Walk

>A typical winter walk, through the forest to the sea.

The Bull Kelp grows huge, and leaves a big mess on the beach.

You can see here how the kelp is hollow, letting it float upright in the water. Indians would use it as a long storage tube for fish oil.

The prison, “Club Fed” is this way..

Some more colourful seaweed

You can see Downtown Victoria in the background. It looks like such a big city from here!

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6 Responses to >The Walk

  1. Ginnie says:

    >Though we never made it to Victoria, Stacey, we DID make it to Vancouver Island and the west side around Uclulet and Tofino, as you already know. You have a paradise there! You know that, too!

  2. >Oh what lovely photos, I adore being near the sea, and here in S Ontario I have to go such a long way to sniff a bit of sea air! I love the seaweed pictures. I was born and brought up in a seaside town and I find it very hard to be so far away from the coast. Lake Ontario doesn’t quite do it for me.

  3. Goofball says:

    >Beautiful!! Very very beautiful. Makes me “homesick” for BC.

  4. >Wow! Your photos are awesome!

  5. >This is so beautiful….. I am so glad I came to visit.

  6. >Gorgeous, reminds me of one of my favorite walks…and we have a “Club Fed” across the way too. 🙂

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