>Costa Rica

>Since I am in Costa Rica today to join my ship, I will leave you with some pics of Caldera that I took exactly a year ago.

Puzzle boxes, among the awesome wood stuff they have for sale.

This little girl is so cute!

Later, I saw these exact same puzzle boxes being sold in Vietnam. Hmmm.

These guys are too enthusiastic about their ice cream sundaes! Look at the sign, Soda Macarena, it just makes you want to get up and dance!

In the ship terminal you can buy Moles, a good souvenir from Panama, and appropriate since the ships are just 1 day fresh from the canal. I always pick up
a couple squares, I can’t resist them.

A really good souvenir from Costa Rica is coffee. Next to Blue Mountain Coffee in Jamaica, they have the best.

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3 Responses to >Costa Rica

  1. >Costa Rica. That means warmth, blue skies, beaches, little lizards, butterflies, bright colours….. oooh I’m not even going to think about it…. I’m going outside to shovel the snow now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Enjoy your new contract, Stacey! Und “Immer eine Handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel!”Daniel

  3. Ginnie says:

    >Hmmm. A little bit of Costa Rica never hurt anyone. 🙂

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