>The Valentine’s Display

>It’s just too pretty not to show you..

Should I go to Chocolate Tea Time now to “check on” the boys in the string trio?

The Choco-Tea Update…

It was crowded!

I managed to sneak a picture in.

I did check out the new menus..

And I managed to sneak one thing off the cart by the elevator. How embarrassing when they catch you with your hand in the cart!

Upon further inspection, it turned out to be a chocolate chip cookie covered in some kind of chocolate goo.


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3 Responses to >The Valentine’s Display

  1. christina says:

    >Wowie! Beautiful flowers and all those goodies. Hope you got lots of Valentine’s suprises from all your secret admirers on the ship. 🙂

  2. >That chocolate thingy looks pretty good, are those cashews on top?I was just browsing back to the drunken band post… you’re having quite a time with your personnel I see. There must be some criteria that goes with being a cruise band member… must be a nutter, must drink a lot, must be weird…never mind the musical ability! Poor you, being in charge of co-ordinating that lot!

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