>When I came back to work I was thinking of buying a small camera to take around with me in my pocket, to take pictures of all sorts of random things for this blog.
As it is, my camera is big and bulky and I don’t like to take it to the beach or just anywhere.

I was happy to see this advertised on the wall before I went out in St Maarten to look for a cheap camera. Wait and buy it onboard! My friends said. I went out anyways, because I wanted to buy a blender for my cabin.

(camera is now on sale for crew for $300!)

Soon I saw the same camera in the display case in the duty free store in the pier. It was so crowded with crew that I walked to town to check the same store. I saw my camera. How much? I ask. $150!! Wow, I will buy it. You can see I made a nice choice, between orange, and pink and blue. I don’t really care how nice a camera it is, it’s only for short excursions and parties and blog pics.

With the $50 I saved I bought my blender. I am very inspired by my friend Ariel who is on a “Juice Feast.” She showed me how to make juice in a blender by adding a touch of water and then straining it through cloth. I found a store that was selling 4 souvenirs for $10. I bought 2 magnets for souvenirs, and 2 extra large T- shirts for straining my juice. Having food in the cabin is a risky business. Although I have a fridge (actually, 2 at the moment but I am selling one) keeping food in it is strictly taboo.

It’s not too hard to find fresh fruit. I have access to all you can eat apples and oranges, kiwis, grapes, pears, and the occasional banana. Grated carrots are always available in bulk at lunch and supper. I have to be stealthy to steal these things. Greens are another matter. I can get celery from my friends, and the bars do have ginger root now for a fresh ginger mojito they now make. I constantly walk by the room where they are chopping vegetables, and yesterday I scored an amazing pile of some kind of greens. Yum! I am really hoping for parsley some day soon.

Making juice in the cabin is a bit of a procedure. I am suspicious that my chopping knife has been confiscated, because it was in the cabin one day and gone the next.

I put my vegis and fruit in the blender, and add a bit of water. I blend it for a long while, as my $50 blender isn’t so good after all.

Then I strain it through a cheesecloth in the bathroom sink. I put all the vegetable waste in the garbage in the hall. I don’t want cockroaches, or a smelly cabin.

This was carrot ginger juice. My best one yet.

I do live in fear of the cabin inspection. The other day I got a phone call early in the morning. “They’re coming!” Uh-oh!
I emptied the contents of the fridge into my underwear drawer. Apples, oranges, a jar of honey, a tetra pak of milk, some almonds, 2 limes and a ginger root. I leave the bottle of wine and the Perrier. These are allowed. I hide the fork I have stolen from the mess and put the wine glasses in the bottom of my laundry bag. I hide my kettle.
There’s a knock on the door. I let them in. 2 security, the crew officer and some helpers. I sit there and try and look calm. I know they would be too embarrassed to go through my underwear drawer or dirty laundry. They shine a flashlight under my bed. “Take those stickers off your door” they told me, and left. Safe! I re-stock the fridge, forgetting the ginger root and the wine glasses, to be found later. I can live without fear for another couple of cruises.

Also illegal is this thing:

It is some kind of aromatherapy misty colour changing thing.

I did find a cockroach in my cabin the other day. It was sitting on my schedule. “Ipis” is no longer my favourite word in Tagalog. I wonder if it was drawn by the traces of vegetable waste, or maybe the cheezie crumbs left by Duncan at Dexter’s farewell party. I threw him in my trash, alive. I then took my trash outside and threw it into the bigger trash bin. Who knows where the Ipis is now… I just hope he didn’t crawl back under the door!

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5 Responses to >Blender

  1. Goofball says:

    >why is all that kind of stuff forbidden??I saw that kind of inspection happening as well on a documentary/”real life” tvshow on the cruises from Easyjet.

  2. Goofball says:

    >if it is forbidden…is it safe to blog about it? maybe your employer reads along?

  3. R. Duckie says:

    >It’s ok! We all live together as well. They see me carrying fruit in the halls like everyone else. Even if I was caught with this stuff, they wouldn’t actually do anything to me πŸ™‚ The stuff is forbidden for fire/safety reasons, and health reasons – they don’t want cockroaches!

  4. grace says:

    >Oh my God, Ipis!! Eeeek, they’re my least favorite creatures on Earth. Put out some laurel leaves…they ward off cockroaches.

  5. Ginnie says:

    >You are way too funny, Stacey. HA I can just see it all. You go, Girl. πŸ™‚

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