>Sleeping in Portholes in Hong Kong by Night

>Last Hong Kong my friend Steph came to visit me again. I did offer her the bed but smart girl, she chose the port hole. She even shared the porthole with my plants!

It was nice to have a real friend from home come and see me. I don’t have many girls on the same level as me to hang out with while on board.

From what I understand, she is the head of a music program in a High school somewhere close to Hong Kong, in China. We went to music school together 10 years ago. Just look at us now! Lol. Living our dreams.

She arrived at night and came to hang out with me backstage during the show. She watches me put on headphones and play a cheesy song along with a track, totally unseen behind a black curtain. ‘Does every song start with a big rolled note?” She asked. Pretty much, yes, I answered.

Not one to miss a rare opportunity to go out at night, we took a walk to the Temple Street Night Market.

I reluctantly had a gummie drink on the way. It wasn’t so bad, after all.

We got a fortune read..

I declined this year..

And we stopped for some food.

I ordered some hot pot noodles and they arrived with some ginger fish. The Ginger Fish was delicious. But so many bones! I wondered how I got the Ginger Fish when I ordered noodles. It turns out the Ginger Fish was below the item I was pointing at. Oh well!

After a long porthole sleep, we went to the Ladies Market for some shopping.

We stopped for some Dim-Sum.

Shrimp Dumpings…

Anything Mango is usually good, says Steph. She was right. It was really hard not to play with my food, a gummy mango ball.

She is coming to visit me again in a couple of days, and will bring her boyfriend this time, who wants to jam with my guys at Ned Kelly’s, an Aussie bar somewhere that has jazz jam sessions.

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One Response to >Sleeping in Portholes in Hong Kong by Night

  1. Goofball says:

    >Glad that you got to spend time with your friend.

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