In an attempt at playing bloggy catch-up here are some pictures from Hiroshima.

We didn’t get too much time to go out. I can’t really remember why.

By the ship is this big thing. I can’t really remember what it’s supposed to be. Hiroshima was a while ago now.

We took a short walk outside the pier. It wasn’t very near the center of town. Hiroshima does tend to make one think of war time atrocities. I took a paper crane and brought it ashore as an offering.

Warm green tea in a can.

We found a main street

And some food. Is this Korean food?

I do believe that the menu items were on the wall there right below this text.

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2 Responses to Hiroshima

  1. >Dear stacey. I love those cool car parks that sink into the ground! they are just such a good use of space.

  2. >I’m just catching up on your blog, and I always enjoy travelling with you… so now it’s Hong Kong and Hiroshima. I’m very unlikely to visit these places in person so I have to do it through your blog postings! Great food pics, makes my mouth water!Spring has finally come to S Ontario, but there’s still a few snowbanks in the forested areas. But the sun’s shining today, going to spend the day in my garden!

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