>How to get Crabs at 2am in the Port of Shanghai

>There were a surprising amount of barber shops in the port of Shanghai, and through the taxi window I could see them lit up at night and filled with women. A lot of the crew onboard seemed to disappear for haircuts at all hours of the night.

But this it more like kind of crab we were looking for..

I believe it was steamed with ginger and some other goodies.

I was very brave, eating in the port at 2am. The giant beer did help wash things down.

Especially considering the wall to my left.

A hungry street cat prowled at my feet. It was cute but too mangy to pat.

Earlier that night, I had met my friends at a more fancy establishment:

Perched on a pond in the city, quite impressive..

The port is a fascinating place and had all sorts of goods for sale. My best find were these:

Big Northface packs, 2 for $50

And this one, a steal at $10!

The new iphone was also going for $120.

What a nice backpack!

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2 Responses to >How to get Crabs at 2am in the Port of Shanghai

  1. >The giant beer looks good. I’m not sure how to get into the crab though, specially with chopsticks for weapons.I just backtracked to the Balut…. ewwww, no thanks, just the thought of eating half egg half duck makes me squirm.We are so sheltered here in N America, we don’t have to eat that stuff.

  2. Goofball says:

    >wow what a cool yummie crabsand awesome sales on Northface backpacks. Where they fake brands or real?

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