The Bar at the Pier, Saigon

Here it is, in all its glory. The much awaited and looked-forward-to bar at the pier. Next to the giant pile of garbage, with its Karaoke, dollar beer, and plastic chairs. Right beside the ship it’s the best party ever. They even keep a wheelchair by the gangway to roll up drunk crewmembers.

The family who runs this joint must be doing so well, we thought. After a chat with Mama-san, we realized that they paid 1.000 dollars a day to rent it.

To my amusement, the waitresses carried around a huge stack of american bills in their hand. The family members are really nice, and often stop to have a drink and chat with us. We even made Mama-san do some whisky shots.

Duds checks out the money

There’s Mama-san in the middle of all the guys, celebrating Sherwin’s birthday in style.

We had two nights of this partying on the pier. Also on the pier were some nice knock off DVD’s, souvenirs and some great Rolexes. I am currently enjoying my favorite TV series on DVD now in my cabin.

By the way, we closed the Karaoke both nights.

In between all the pier parties, we had to go to the pier for lunch as well.

2 coconuts, a fried fish, and well… do you really need to see another crab?

Last year the bar was on the actual pier. See the one beside the ship? It was right there.

The ladies who worked there were throwing the garbage right over the rail in front of us, into the Saigon River. Styrofoam, plastic, paper, and food were just floating by us.

Don’t forget the Balut. I later found some stashed in the cabin for later. I took the liberty of putting them in the fridge.

My favourite menu was still there.

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  1. Ginnie says:

    >You sure have the stories, Stacey! Never a dull moment when you’re around! 🙂

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