>This is why…

>we’re changing all the deck furniture today to a non-flammable variety today.

These are photos of the big fire on the Sun Princess, obtained from an un-named source. The fire spread on the outside of the ship, from balcony to balcony, which was very hard to fight, it being on the outside of a moving ship. This is the first time a cruise ship has had a balcony fire, and made everyone realize that it’s very impotrant to fireproof the outside furniture as well!

This is not to illustrate my feelings about being back at work….

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2 Responses to >This is why…

  1. Ginnie says:

    >That’s the first time I’ve ever thought of a ship fire and what it’d look like, Stacey. Oh my! So very sad! I hope you will never see it in your own cruising life!!

  2. >WOW! sad and terrible.. At least you know it wasn’t from a bbq!

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