>Things I Learn at 10:30 am at the "Survival at Sea" training

>Did you know that in your first 24 hours of surviving in a life raft, you MUST poo before you become dehydrated? And yes, that does involve dropping trou and hanging over the side.

Other interesting tidbits included the amazing use of radio transponders, and the reality that the fishing kit is just to entertain you. If you caught a fish you wouldn’t be allowed to eat it. Too dangerous.

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6 Responses to >Things I Learn at 10:30 am at the "Survival at Sea" training

  1. Ginnie says:

    >The things we thought we would never have to know!

  2. Goofball says:

    >how is pooing linked to dehydration? Is it impossible to poo when being dehydrated? Or don’t you get dehydrated as quickly when you have pood?I find this very intriguing!

  3. R. Duckie says:

    >Hey Goofball!Er…. I guess if you’re dehydrated you won’t produce enough mucous..

  4. >Gah…now guess what I’ll think of every single time I see a lifeboat…LOL!

  5. >Interesting things to learn. I hope you won’t be doing these things in any of your journeys! (knock on wood)

  6. Miss Tango says:

    >So what is the ettiquette then? Announce you must poo and everyone closes their eyes.

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