>St Petersburg on the Solstice – the Photos

>I don’t know if you could hear any sound on the video I posted before, but my imovie program isn’t working just right anymore.

These days it costs so much money to go ashore in St Petersburg. They have stopped letting crew go ashore – those crew with a Bahamian Seaman’s book, that is. Which means, for the Filipinos and their Philippines Seaman’s book this is the one place they can wander freely, but for the rest of us it is going to be expensive.

They got around this technicality by offering “tour” tickets for the crew. Nobody needs a special visa if they are on an organized tour. Our “tour” involves a shuttle bus that leaves the gates every hour as a tour and will drop you in the town, and you can pick up the return shuttle at your leisure.

Each of these tickets is $17 US. This is a little bit expensive. But the biggest scam is if you want to go out at night there is a separate tour to a nightclub. You buy that ticket for $15. But you also have to have that day’s shuttle bus tour pass to make it legal, and one for the next day as well, as you are staying out past midnight. The worst part about this it that the nightclub is far away from anywhere I am interested in going. And the subway was closed already.

All told, Stacey spent $49 to go out this evening. Not counting the taxi money, $40 to go to the main street and back. Sherwin spent $15, as he didn’t need a visa but got the nightclub shuttle bus with me. Once in awhile there are benefits to being Filipino! Although I did make him pay for most of the Taxi and we were able to reduce the price a bit by bribing the driver with an unopened bottle of booze. “Let’s bring more booze next time,” I said. We do have ways of getting that for free.

Night time is our only time to go out, and Sherwin has never seen the city. I am in love with St Petersburg and decided to be his tour guide for the evening. By the time we got to the nightclub on Moskovski Prospekt, the Russians had already won the football game. Cars were lining the streets, doing victory laps, honking and waving flags. We got a cab and went to Nevski Prospekt, the main street downtown.

The cab ride was crazy and we were in the midst of all the celebrations. By the time we got to Nevski Proskpekt the traffic was at a standstill. We got out out of the cab and walked.

Well, you saw the video. We walked down the street with all the celebrating Russians. They were screaming something that sounded like “Brazillia!” but I am sure they weren’t cheering for Brazil.

I took Sherwin to see the church.

We saw the winter palace..

(that’s me on the right holding the Russian flag.. the girls waved me over, saying “Devoushka!”)

Everyone was waiting for the famous bridges to go down. That’s always a party.

Beside the bridge on the canal there were people jamming with guitars, people climbing statues and people being ferried across the Neva in a small boat.

“That was just like my dream” Sherwin said. “The people, the guitars, the palace..” What a strange dream to have, I thought.

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2 Responses to >St Petersburg on the Solstice – the Photos

  1. >More like a nightmare than a dream??? Just kidding…. it must have been quite the evening to see all the Russians going soccercrazy. I always thought Russians were such staid and solemn people, just shows how wrong I can be!

  2. Goofball says:

    >hmm the rules to leave the ship confuse me. I never realised you might not be allowed to leave the ship. how great you got to be in St Petersburg when they were celebrating their victory :). It looks like a fabulous city to visit one day.

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