>Butchart’s – The Japanese Garden

>I promise these are the last photos of the gardens and we will get back to pictures of grey old Northern Europe soon.

This moss fills the Japanese Garden and when you touch it it smells like spearmint .

Butchart’s is on the ocean, though you might not notice it, and from the Japanese Garden you can see the dock.

Recently they cut a hole in the hedge allowing a little peek of the ocean scene. I think that was a really good idea.

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3 Responses to >Butchart’s – The Japanese Garden

  1. >How long has that cutout been there? I remember it from the mid-nineties, when I’d go to Butchart and when my husband and I honeymooned there. The Japanese gardens were always my favorite. They’re so peaceful and calming. Mmm…

  2. >Oh, that Japanese garden in delicious, lush, delightful, I love the hole in the hedge and the view of the water.Vancouver Island is one of my “must see” places.

  3. Goofball says:

    >I love that second pictures with the leaves. So simple and so beautiful!

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