>I went ashore in Helsinki to look for piano benches for the company.

If I know my Boss well enough, he will choke at the price tag. I saved my own ass, and didn’t buy the thing. I did tell him about some much needed repairs to be done on a piano. He said, let me know when the piano is on pieces on the bar room floor. I told him not to worry, that if it was I would just patch it together with bubble gum. Did I mention the cruise line I work for is 6 star?

Like last year, the strawberry girl is there. If I had more internet time I would link back to my post of last year and see if it really was the same girl.

Speaking of choking on price tags, the Euro really bugs me.
Imagine, this is the cheapest sandwich, at 5 euros. That’s $7.88 US, folks.

I bought a water, a small evian, for 3 euros. That’s $4.73. I was REALLY thirsty.

At least I saw some sights. Hmm, very Russian architecture, said a dancer I was standing near. I explained the history of Finland to him, and why that might be.

I have always loved this church. When I first saw it, it was an art display, with different coloured tee-shirts painting the many steps.

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2 Responses to >Helsinki

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Hey Rubber duckie,I tried to check it out for you. It´s hard to say: Probably the girl is the same as last year, probably not. It could be her sister as well. But interestingly the price for the fruits didn´t raise. It´s the same as last year, €5,–.How are the temperatures in Finland in this days? You are very northerly, but most Finland-voyagers telling us at this season, that it could be as hot as in the Sahara-dessert.Peter

  2. Goofball says:

    >prices you mention are expensive but not outragious. Just the normal rip-off prices in tourist places :p

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