>Iceland, Yesterday

>I made the fatal mistake today of only bringing one camera with me. It was so rainy and cold, I thought there wouldn’t be much to take pictures of. The minute I reached the coolest graveyard I have ever seen, the camera dies. “Battery Exhausted,” It complained. Damn. I guess that will just be less pictures to sort out for my blog. I had similar luck in the Faroe Islands, although this time it wasn’t my camera, but my computer who’s memory was full. I thought it had downoladed all the pictures and so I erased them from my camera. Big mistake! You, or me for that matter, will never have to see the picture of the bizarre lunch I had there.

This must be tapped in to the natural hot springs or something. I couldn’t read what was on the pole.

The houses were quite nice

Sherwin poses on a doorstep

The cemetery was so cool that I just had to find a picture of it on the web to show you here.

The seas have been very rough. I luckily got a night off yesterday, as there was a Concert Pianist on. The poor pianist was green with seasickness as this was probably his first cruise ship gig. He played his final Beethoven at record speed, (not an easy feat) and ran straight off stage and down the stairs to his cabin. Didn’t even come back for a second bow! Poor fellow.

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