>Colonial Classics


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4 Responses to >Colonial Classics

  1. Goofball says:

    >oooh we were there last fall (boston, Newport, Bar harbor). We did see a lot of cruiseships then and I often had to think of you!

  2. Shammickite says:

    >Oh I wish I was going to be in Montreal, we could go out for coffee. But I’ll be in toronto.

  3. BarbaraMonte says:

    >I spoke with David Soutar today; he’s on his way to teach 400kms west of Tuktayuktuk [sp?] until Xmas; just returned from 2 yrs in Halifax completing his degree in microbiology and now applying for his doctor’s training somewhere – the reason for his phone call to me.I’m sending him a link to your delightful and so-interesting blog. I know he’ll be interested. Thanks for the blog – I still can’t believe where you’ve travelled! No reply from you re my b-day greetings – hope you recv’d them; if not, happy belated! hugs, bb/monte

  4. >okay, greenland? I’m jealous of your travels to greenland…one of these days I’m going to spend a whole summer there.

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