>I’m sure you all saw my gory video of the meat market in Nuuk and can’t wait to miss my pics.

There we are. The Captain and his buddies took some tender boats out to get some fish. It seems like the fish were just jumping into the boat, as they do there. It must be cold in that water. Rumours have it they caught 300 fish with two boats.

Right outside the ship, I saw some fur on the ground.
“Don’t touch it, it’s skin off a reindeer leg!”
EW. The hair was almost falling out of it.

We took these stairs to town.

We saw this graveyard, and at the church a block away, a child’s funeral.

Still, there were happy kids in town.

This is the home of Santa Clause and the world’s biggest post box ( I assume )

Here it is, filled with letters to Santa. I am probably also holding one of Nuuk’s only geocaches in my hand, found near the post box.

Near the post box is a museum which I had never seen before.

It had scenes of life in Greenland ( I assume from back in the day)

A nice foot pedal operated drill for your teeth. Sherwin fondly recalled having his teeth worked on by the exact same machine in the Philippines just a little too recently for my liking.

Some mummies were on display. These mummies were naturally preserved by the cold and I guess are quite famous.

And the dead seal, again

What kind of deer is this?

I liked the graffiti on the building here

Later on, as I was playing the show I could smell barbecue from the rope deck. I went in there and was lucky to get a whole fish for myself.

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2 Responses to >Nuuk

  1. Ginnie says:

    >Man! Don’t you just love how the world is different everywhere you go…and yet is still the same!

  2. Shammickite says:

    >WOW you get to see the neatest places! That BBQ fish looks good, wonder what kind if fish it was? I think I remember a dentists drill like that when I was little in UK.

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