>Torshavn, The Tour

>Gosh, I am behind in all this blogging business. I must have 30 different places to show you. My contract on the ship finishes in 10 days and I am headed to the Philippines, and I am sure there will be much to talk about my experiences then.

Let’s start with Torshavn, in the Faroe Islands. You were waiting for that, weren’t you.

I signed up for a tour that day, going to an old farmstead. We drove quite far on the island to get there. It was incredibly scenic. These are just some sights from the bus.

Salmon farming is a major industry there, even though they don’t grow in the wild. You can see the rings in the ocean that hold salmon.

The old farmstead sits on a Fjord. It has its own little church.

Here is the old farmhouse itself. Let’s take a look inside!

The cemetery in the church yard

More Salmon farming

This is the village where we had a strange lunch of meatballs, breaded pork and pickled fish on bread.

As we were leaving the village, a man chased after the bus, banging on the side. What was the big deal? Apparently a pod of whales was just spotted in the sound. They needed every able bodied man with a boat to come and help chase them aground. When the whales are grounded and killed, they divide them equally amongst the whole village, and everyone is entitled to their share of some. They just have to go down to the municipal hall and put their name on the list.

Look at their football field, I have never seen one quite like it.

Before lunch, they took us to a viewpoint. I don’t remember what these large rocks were supposed to represent, but they are pretty cool.

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3 Responses to >Torshavn, The Tour

  1. Shammickite says:

    >I thought there was a movement afoot to SAVE the whales, not kill them?But what stunning scenery. So bleak and lovely. It must be a hard life living in such a remote place.

  2. Ginnie says:

    >Wait! What will you do after your contract is up??? Did you already tell us and I missed it???

  3. >Wow – that is absolutely amazing! Now that makes me want to travel! So don’t feel so bad about being homesick.. 🙂

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