>I Halifax I got to meet a highschool friend for lunch. She was on her lunch break from work and we went to the famous local bar called “Your father’s (or somebody’s) Moustache. They had really great nachos there.

We got caught up and after lunch she took me to the public gardens which were nearby. They were beautiful and really well kept. I had never seen them before.

She pointed out that these plants look like Swans. They do!

The old cemetery was cool.

This is the grave of the famous beermaker Alexander Keith. Someone put a beer there, in honour of his birthday which apparently is a big local party.

In the cemetery I was lucky to find a geocache and I think Kimberley got hooked on the sport.

She showed me her office.  I offered her and her colleagues a tour of the ship next time we were in port. They came on board and had a great time.

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2 Responses to >Halifax

  1. >Oh wow – it looks like a great time to jump ship, hehe… Looks like a beautiful garden to visit also..And I can see how you can be homesick about Victoria! I just can’t wait to go out and shoot photos tomorrow!

  2. Ginnie says:

    >You’re reminding me of all the places I want to go back to some day, Stacey. And how nice to meet up with a friend while traveling. Some day maybe it’ll work for us. I hope so.

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