>Breakfast of Champions

>After all the Jeepney excitement, we decided to get some Chow.

Naturally, we went to Chowking.

Look at my breakfast options!

I went for the “Breakfast Bangus.” Bangus is a favourite fish in these parts.
Here they are, accompanied by a fork and spoon.

Mine was good.

Except a bit later I realized my breakfast was looking at me. I kindly handed the best part to Sherwin to eat.

After breakfast we wandered a little more.

Look at that traffic!

Here are the gates of Chinatown

“Hey Joe!” a tricycle driver proudly calls out to me as he passes by. I guess this is quite an old-fashioned greeting saved for Americans.

We saw this pretty church across from the gates of Chinatown.

The basketball court was a bit out of place in the entrance of the Church.

And here is Black Nazarene, inside the Church.

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One Response to >Breakfast of Champions

  1. Sidney says:

    >Quiapo and Chinatown…my favorite places in Manila.And that on your first day !

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