>The Mall

>I was tired of the heat, pollution and traffic of Manila before noon on the first day there. We called a friend, who called some other friends and we all met at the mall. Malls seem to be the only respite from the heat and madness of the city, and the Super Mall of Asia was amazing. I would say it was almost equal to the awesome malls of Dubai. Such stores! Some of my fave stores from around the world were there. They even had Krispy Kreme in flavours I had never seen before.

The first place we stopped, after Sbarros of course for a pizza, was here.

This boats that it it one of the largest ice surfaces in southeast Asia. Once in awhile, snow will fall on the lucky skaters. It is officially Christmas already in the Philippines, and the mall was blasting Christmas music. We went for a skate.

Skate rentals came with the ticket. I don’t think these had ever been sharpened. It wasn’t too easy to skate in them and most people were having a tough time out on the ice. It’s the first time I’ve skated anywhere that doesn’t have a penalty box.

Here are the friends, all musicians from the ship, plus Ramil’s wife in matching colours to me.

We ate at the chain restaurant Shakey’s, which featured pizza and fried chicken. So far, there has been a lot of pizza here.

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One Response to >The Mall

  1. Sidney says:

    >It is quite crazy if you think about it… ice skating in the Philippines….

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