>Fun in Baguio

>Here is the balcony of the Pension House where we are staying. It is so cool here that blankets are needed at night, and air conditioners are not necessary. That should lend itself to a nice sleep, as it was way too hot for me to sleep in Manila, even with the air con. However, the neighborhood dogs start up 9:30pm until 8am. It was so noisy I almost couldn’t believe it myself. The roosters kick in at 5 am to ensure there’s a nice overlap between them and the bad dogs. Definitely time to close the windows.

Breakfast coffee is of the instant variety, and less than $1 for two.

We take a Jeepney to town.

Look at the horn on the hood of this one! Note the coin tray there for easy change.

Breakfast at Jollibee, another fast food chain. Sherwin had the Breakfast Bangus this time, and I had a … pancake sandwich, with egg in the middle. Quite a good idea, actually.

We went to the main park in town.

There is a boating lagoon there and we rented a swan paddle boat for a couple of hours.

I like this modest mermaid, trying to cover herself with some hair and a half-assed “thumbs-up”

Tons of schoolkids and some families were having fun on the water.

Schnappi boat..

A guy rows around selling ice cream. I get Ube flavour – a purple yam. It is good.

Just fresh from the paddle boat, we found another novelty. For just $1 we could have an hour of this:

I finally figured out what these guys are selling. It’s Taho.

It’s a soft tofu with flavourings added.

I would try it but it doesn’t seem too safe. Sherwin won’t eat it either so that’s a good hint.

The local field, some girls are warming up for a softball practice.

We go back to Gerry’s at the Super Mall and eat again, the same meal except replacing chewy Squid for the veggies.

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2 Responses to >Fun in Baguio

  1. grace says:

    >I’m suddenly nostalgic seeing your photos! Ube ice cream is my favorite I could eat a gallon in one sitting. LOL!BTW, did you know that Baguio is hailed “The honeymoon capital of the Philippines?” 🙂

  2. Sidney says:

    >Great! You seem to enjoy life here… except for the early morning roosters and the dogs….

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