>A Cold Shower

>We really enjoyed the luxury of our room in Baguio, though the bathroom was a little grim.

Apparently cold showers can be the norm around here, and this one was no exception. It reminded me a torture device from a black and white movie.

It had a functioning lever

Connected to 3 different faucets

And a questionable bucket underneath a blue tap.

Sherwin explained to me what the buckets were for. In case the pressure is low you fill the big one and scoop water onto yourself with the ladle. This seemed like a better option given the temperature of the water. I spend about 10 minutes in the morning psyching myself up for the shower, and it is so cold I end up huffing and puffing like a blue whale. My soap and designer shampoo is rendered useless in the cold water and I have bought some Filipina shampoo which seems to finally have worked.

It might almost be worth it to buy one of these:

A solar shower bag, heated by the sun during the day, popular with moose hunters I hear!

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