>The Bus to Sagada

>Before leaving Baguio for Sagada, we had a nice big meal.

With Sherwin’s help I finally made that sauce out of these limes I was given, squeezing them and adding soya sauce.

Here is the bus, we claimed our seats on it. It didn’t need air conditioning, and it turned out to be freezing with the open windows.

We bought some boiled quail eggs for the journey.

The trip was 7 hours, over a bumpy windy road which ran out about 4 hours into it. The scenery was amazing.

Check out the road!

We started to see some rice and vegetable terraces.

There was an unlikely basketball hoop on the side of the road

The toilets were a challenge..

They did have regular toilets, reserved for #2 only. For this they might charge you extra.

I learned that this is how you flush them, by pouring water. Yes you can try this at home!

Sherwin bought me a tomato at one of the rest stops

It wasn’t really a tomato. I wasn’t sure what exactly it was, fruit or veg.

I was really happy for the map of the Philippines I bought in Boston.

This was my favourite jeepney, completely filled inside and outside with cabbage. It turns out that in this cold climate, vegetables were of the boring variety – carrots, cabbage, potatoes

Adds for pesticides were everywhere

After an extremely bumpy bus ride, we were so happy to reach the one room above the Log Cabin restaurant in Sagada, where they had just that night available for $20. What a treat.

This is the restaurant below. Would you believe we’re in the Philippines?

Food here was the best in town.

A meal of bruschetta, soup, salad, pork steak for Sherwin and 2 beers set us back $7

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2 Responses to >The Bus to Sagada

  1. Goofball says:

    >wow amazing scenery! food looks delicious. I’d be nervous on the bus though, thinking about the lack of decent toilets during the trip all the time.

  2. >That’s one lovely place (the inn). How did you find out about it? BTW, you’ve travelled to places I haven’t been!

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