>Sagada, Day 1

>The next morning we reluctantly left our Log Cabin and set out to find somewhere else to stay, since it was booked now for the next 3 days.

Stairs to the Log Cabin suite are right by the kitchen, which is also the kitchen of the family that runs the business there.

The Log Cabin restaurant by day

We looked around the town. The Municipal Workers were singing a song and doing Monday ceremony outside.

We stopped at the Masferre inn for Breakfast. Eduardo Masferre was the famous photographer of the black and white photos of the indigenous people of this area. He was half Spanish and half native. I guess the restaurant is owned by his descendants. His photos line the walls.

They sell, of all things, oatmeal cookies

I had a ginger tea

A “Torta Talong” which is an eggplant omelete. The small eggplant is lightly smoked over coals and the skin removed, then cooked in an omelete.

Banana Ketchup is served with everything.

We walk a bit further out of town, to survey the other guest houses

Look how everything is built into the rock here!

This is the Masferre house and museum

I recognize these flowers from Hong Kong

Another basketball hoop on the side of the road

We tried the famous “Yoghurt House” for lunch. I thought that homemade yoghurt would be an unlikely thing to find in the Philippines, but here is is.

The yoghurt, topped with local strawberry jam and granola, is thick and delicious.

This is one of the main streets of town.

In the end we found another nice place to stay – the Sagada Homestay, very close to the Log Cabin and for half the price, 500p a night (about $10)

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One Response to >Sagada, Day 1

  1. >Wow – it’s all so colorful and beautiful. I love some of the buildings you’ve captured… Great job on capturing life!

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