>Hanging Coffins


We walked past the town church to find the famous hanging coffins of Echo Valley.

We walked up the steps towards the town cemetery, the starting point for the Echo Valley trail.

We found this one viewpoint, where we could see the coffins down below. “Look!” I pointed.

This seemed to be a dead end, so to speak, so we circled around into the cemetery to find the real path, which was tricky.

All Souls day (Nov 1) was approaching quickly, and grave maintenance was in full swing.

We are lucky Sherwin spoke the local dialect, and we soon found the small trail to Echo Valley.

Another dead end, we saw one coffin that had fallen. “Look, bones!” I accidentally pointed.

We could see the coffin, destroyed above us.

Here they are. Pretty cool, eh? I wonder what the chairs are for.

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  1. Goofball says:

    >very very intriguing

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