>One Less Chicken in the Village tonight


After the coffin fun, oh yeah and some video games and karaoke, we went back to the Log Cabin to try the local specialty, Pinikpikan Chicken. We saw this being, um, prepared from the bus window on the way to Sagada. In fact, we felt a bit like one after emerging from that bus. You see, to prepare a Pinikpikan Chicken, in order to get the unique flavour, the chicken must be beaten with a stick while still alive. Hmm. Another problem presented was that the dish was for 7 people. We invited a fellow traveler to share in the meal.

Some native rice gods decorate the Log Cabin.

First we were served a hearty broth. This is the liquid from the preparing of the chicken, which is then boiled with vegetables and smoked pork.

Our fellow traveler,

And the Chicken. It was very tasty, if not a wee bit tough.

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3 Responses to >One Less Chicken in the Village tonight

  1. Goofball says:

    >beating a chicken while it’s alive for the taste? Hmm that’s quite unusual for us. I suppose the animal rights movement isn’t as big there yet as it is in Europe and America?

  2. MJ Ces says:

    >I never had the chance to eat at the Log Cabin. I heard the owner is a French guy.Did you like the Pinikpikan? I never tasted one, mainly because of the way they prepare it.

  3. R. Duckie says:

    >The pinikpikan was chewy! I dont think the french chef is still there but whoever he trained sure is good! Also the room above the restaurant is the best in town!

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