>Doing the washing, Philipine Style

>On our final day in Sagada I learned how to do my washing Philippine Style –

With bar laundry soap. No washboard or ringer either.

I have to admit, a wringer would have been nice.

I hang my shirts next to some animal skulls

Here is the common room in the homestay where we were staying

We had discovered that we were allowed to use the kitchen, too!

Being in the mountains, Sherwin missed his fish. We put good use to the same sink as earlier.

We stuffed them and fried them.

And we made a bean dish, with tomatoes, onions and ginger.

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3 Responses to >Doing the washing, Philipine Style

  1. >Were your hands ok!? I used to do a lot of that kind of washing before we had our washing machine (our first washing machine was when I was already 16!) and my hands would bleed because of the friction and the soap. I am extremely allergic to those bar soaps.If your hands were ok, then I must really say, you’re becoming more Filipino than I am!!:-)

  2. Goofball says:

    >the fish looks lovely!I would have missed a wringer too, …how is the heath and humidity? I suppose clothes would dry outside fairly quickly, no?

  3. MJ Ces says:

    >My girlfriend and I stayed at the same inn the last time we were in Sagada. We didn't use the kitchen as we were fond of eating out. The hot shower wasn't working though.Yogurt House is my favorite. Masferre restaurant is OK, but just like what you mentioned on one of your photos, some of their meals are really small.:)

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