>Leaving Sagada by Jeepney

>Oh why did we ever leave Sagada. In search of new adventures, to be sure to come.

We hopped on a Jeepney bound for Bontoc, the next “big” town.

Yes here it is.

Look at this inventive fan with tissues to keep the flies off the meat.

We, well he, had some Sizzling Sisig, which I guess is pork something.

We weren’t sure where we were headed next from Bontoc, but the Jeepney driver waved us on to a different Jeepney headed for Banaue, since we were so obviously tourists. This sounded allright to us.

The Jeepney was seriously packed. A bunch of Korean students, boxes, a violin, farmers, locals, and a heap of people on the top of the Jeepney.

That was my view out the cramped window, occasionally marred by a hanging foot or two.

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One Response to >Leaving Sagada by Jeepney

  1. Goofball says:

    >you are such an adventurous traveller. I’d get nervous when travelling with no obvious destination on overcrowded busses.

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