>The Ifugao Hut

>We finally arrived in Banaue, and got some helpful Tricycle drivers to show us the hotels in town. Unimpressed, and spoiled by Sagada, we opted for something a little different.

The Ifugao Hut

The owner of the resort, an Ifugao herself I assume, showed us inside.

That shelf is for drying the rice, she explained. Well won’t that come in handy.

Yikes! What looks like some kind of fertility god stares down at me.

The huts are lined up a hilly path, and the rice terrace views are unbeatable.

This is our campsite

As night fell, I got to see and hear some very loud nocturnal critters for the first time. Some of them are insanely loud. I saw my very first firefly and held it in my hands.

We are supplied with firewood and it is very slow burning. We prepare a native feast.

Later on, I realize there are more nocturnal creatures then I had expected. Wild dogs of all sorts were roaming through the camp, looking for scraps and climbing around wrecking stuff.

This one discovered a taste for marshmallows.

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2 Responses to >The Ifugao Hut

  1. Goofball says:

    >hihi, the dog eating marshmallows is funny.

  2. >I am really enjoying learning about (and seeing) this part of the world thanks to your posts and photos!

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