>Hut Museum

>At the entrance to the campsite, one of the huts was a museum filled with a collection of native artifacts, belonging to the Ifugao man who owns the campsite. We could go in there for free. We even heard a rumour that all of those cultural artifacts were for sale.

Note the fireplace inside the hut. Apparently there is supposed to be one there but some white tourists kept burning down huts so they had to remove it.

There are some archive photographs on the outside, one displaying the native “g string” outfit of the Ifugao men.

Sherwin sits outside with the owner and speaks the local dialect.

The owner chews some Moma, which seems to be like beetlenuts

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2 Responses to >Hut Museum

  1. Betsy says:

    >So here I am eating peanut butter toast and looking out on another gray, rainy Thursday here in Germany. And you’re… Yeah, checking out Ifugao art and trying not to burn down open air huts in the jungle. Can we swap for just a couple of hours?! PLEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE????!

  2. >How cool! You look like the total safari chick and I see that you are in warm weather…. It doesn’t make me feel any warmer however.. Laughs..I’m still loving Victoria by the way!

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