>Seafood Market

>Don’t worry too much about us, we were fine, and spent the rest of our vacation around Davao, neat Mt Apo in North Cotobato, at Inday’s unfinished house. The Bullet I wore or carried religiously for awhile. It then got lost in the contents of my bag and was later determined by airport security to be live ammo. That answered that question.

The rest of the posts are in random order, about the things we saw and places we visited – and food we ate, of course.

A woman boils doughnuts

Kidapawan is a fairly major city in these parts. It has a lot of buzzing Tricycles, which my guidebook referred to as pestilential. This amused me.

Women selling Calamansi, the native lime.

It is also home to a wonderful seafood market.

I was so happy to see fresh seaweed being sold there.

Sherwin cooked us a big feast.

We had everything – even mini crabs. I am still not sure how to eat them.

You can see my seaweed salad on the left.

This is tuna

And Papaya

Me and Inday clean up. I am learning how to do dishes in cold water, it’s a whole different system!

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3 Responses to >Seafood Market

  1. >You’re learning so many Filipino ways in a very short time! I am very impressed.BTW, I miss those fishes, especially the fly fishes. I loved spreading out their wings. Did you know that there are so many different colors of the wings?

  2. Shammickite says:

    >I loved reading the last 3 or 4 posts, WOW, you are really seeing Philipino life from the inside, it’s great following your adventures! Keep the stories coming!

  3. yanix says:

    >i really love reading your post and i love how you take pictures on stuffs that amazed you just like the carabao in the mud. I live in the philippines and went to rural areas in davao but i’ve never seen a carabao in the mud ever!

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