>Rice Field

>Sherwin is the proud owner of a rice field which is a good business for his family. I have been looking forward to seeing it for a long time, and we finally got a chance to go there. However, since we don’t have a vehicle we rented a taxi to take us there, at $50 for the day which I deemed very expensive but worth it.

We arrive at a neighbouring field and walk in.

We walk under the Mango trees, which the owners have just sprayed

Here is the field.

It is really muddy here. The mud is like clay. I set up camp on a bench.


Some workers caught a frog and I think, were saving it for dinner.

Papaya grows like a weed

I was excited to see an orchid in the wild

This adjoining land is for sale, for around $3000. They want to buy it, and his Mum and Dad picture their retirement there, in a small house.

It had squash, and a cool surprise

Can you spot the animal in this photo?

Don’t go closer! Sherwin warned. It will shake!

Here is a Cacao tree

Someone is drying the seeds for eating

We have a picnic lunch

I see for the first time Ube, or purple yam growing.

Sherwin’s Mum holds the Ube up for my photo

A ginger plant

Ducks and Turkeys like to swim in the rice field.

We hang out under the mango trees in the shade.

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3 Responses to >Rice Field

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Hey Stacey,it’s so wonderful to traveling with you around the world. The Philipinnes, peoples and landscape, are a little bit like Styria, exept the rice-fields of course.We wish you, Sherwin and your hole family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!. Perhaps you can tell us if the Filipinos celebrate Christmas and if they do, whow?Peter and the family behind the little yellow church

  2. >The water buffalo surprised me! Did you eat that jackfruit? It’s my favorite fruit in the Philippines.Also, I didn’t know ube is NOT a root crop? I always thought it grows under the soil!

  3. Goofball says:

    >I love the wild orchid! I would love the abundance of wild fruits.I was totally freaked by the cow in the mud …Oh my gosh I had not seen it right away. I really hope Sherwins family can buy the neighbour rice field as well. It looks like such a lovely place to live.

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