>Merry Christmas!

>We are spending Christmas in South America and New Year’s will be in Antartica! Today is the big Christmas show, which we are putting together ourselves, and I had to write an arrangement of this song:

I have no idea what half of those lyrics refer to, but it’s a catchy tune. The arrangement took me 2 weeks, because I can’t navigate the program Finale too quickly.

Here are some clips of the rehearsal, Mum, your favourite guys are singing “Oh Holy Night” but check out Misha on the side, hogging the spotlight!


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2 Responses to >Merry Christmas!

  1. Peter says:

    >Hey Stacey,would you please check the sound of the seceond video. Wheater I’m to silly or it doesn’t work …Peter

  2. Peter says:

    >Thank you, it works! Wonderful sound, really a little bit weird …Peter

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