>Punta Arenas, Chile

>This is really at the bottom of the world, and apparently under one of the biggest ozone layer holes on earth. Despite this, it is chilly.. I mean cold.

The town is on the straights of Magellan, and this statue to his name is in the town square. If you rub the foot of the Indian it means you will come back some day.

Alpaca and knit goods are for sale in the town square.

We find a funny pay phone

There is a nice chocolate shop in town where you can get churros dipped in melted chocolate.

I love the south american garbage bins.

Chilean wine was cheap and plentiful in the grocery store.

We saw a restaurant that serves beaver. Apparently Canadian beavers are quite the pests down south, being an invasive species with no natural predators.

We stopped at a cafe for some hot chocolate. I had given $20 dollars at a store for a blender and was given a handful of Chilean change. We bought some laundry soap and spent the rest on food.

What I love about Chile is they serve guacamole on everything – you can even get it at Mc Donald’s on your burger. They call it “Palto.”

Here is a hot-dog.

I have a milk tea, which is just that – warm milk with a tea bag.

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One Response to >Punta Arenas, Chile

  1. Goofball says:

    >guacamole on everything? Oh I must go! I love those umbrella shaped trees.

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